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 LinkedIn from a headhunter’s perspective

Right now LinkedIn is one of the hottest names in regards to social media and online networking.

Seen through the eyes of a recruitment agency there is no doubt that LinkedIn is an amazing recruitment tool – it is an online flow of CVs that recruitment consultants can more or less freely search through.

The quality of CVs/profiles varies a lot and there is no reason for having a profile, if you don’t spend time designing your profile and connecting with others. Essentially LinkedIn is all about visibility, connections and networking.  Here Compass Human Resources Group brings you a guide to improving your profile to make it more visible and attractive.

Fill out your profile as much as possible

The most important thing to remember when designing your LinkedIn profile is that your profile has to show who you are and not who you want to be. For this reason it is important to portray a correct image of your professional and academic qualifications. Don’t exaggerate as the recruitment consultants may refrain from contacting you, if they incorrectly think that you are overly qualified for a new and exciting position.

If you wish to promote yourself on LinkedIn you could choose to write a headline, which for example describes your key competences. If you work as a specialist and wish to continue in that direction, then choose a headline to describe this, and so on.

Under “Summary” you could consider writing your visions and future career wishes but please note that everything your write is available for your boss and colleagues to read. Alternatively you can choose to describe yourself and emphasize the competences that you think characterize you the best.

When filling out “experience” it is an advantage to describe your whole career up until now, as it gives a good general view of your experience and qualifications.

Write about each job separately and write a short description of the company and then your work tasks and results.
Same procedure should be used for filling out “Education”. Write about each educational course separately and describe which theoretical competences the education has given you and list the possible results.

If you would like to be contacted by recruitment consultants it would also be a great advantage to state your phone number and e-mail under “Personal Information”.

LinkedIn accommodates several other options to be filled out, but if you choose to fill out the subjects mentioned above, you are well on your way. With these, visitors to your profile will be provided with a good overview of your experience and qualifications.

If you choose to fill out all of the fields of your profile you will make it “complete”. This means that your profile will become more visible and will appear in various searches through LinkedIn.

Furthermore you will increase the visibility of your profile by joining some of the many groups that exist on LinkedIn. Naturally it is beneficial to choose groups that are relevant to your qualifications and ambitions.

Also, the more active you are on LinkedIn the more your visibility increases.

If you join in professional discussions in the selected groups you will increase your visibility and brand yourself at the same time.

But the biggest secret to increased visibility is Connections. The more connections you have the bigger network and thus increased visibility. The only thing to pay attention to is to connect with people who are relevant to you. If you add connections that you don’t know, then write a short message to the person to explain why you think you would both benefit from each other’s network.

And remember – LinkedIn is all about visibility, connections and networking!


Compass ensures stability and development

We continuously work to develop our employees so that work satisfaction, stability and professional competences are prioritized – constantly! We want to offer the best conditions and opportunities for professional as well as personal development.

Therefore, as of 1 June 2012 we have promoted two of our Research Consultants to Senior Research Consultants; Anne Nyby and Anne Mette Juul Gajhede. We wish to acknowledge their important experience within the business and their seniority at Compass. Simultaneously we have expanded their areas of responsibility so that our customers and candidates will meet even sharper competences in the research team in the future. Congratulations to both! Both Anne and Anne Mette contribute with many years’ experience – and a lot of candidates have experienced their proficiency and excellent people skills.


Masterclass in Management Development

”The next step towards better recruitment is “soul-searching” and a change in management perspective”

On June 12th Compass hosted a client-event based on a Masterclass in Management Development. In cooperation with Leadership Casino Compass invited Claus Nygaard, Professor in Management Education, Ph.d., cand.merc. (strategy, organization & mangement) to elaborate on the subject: ”The next step towards better recruitment is “soul-searching” and a change in management perspective”

Key message was that a competence based view on organizations and management can create a better foundation for recruitment and better utilization of your resources in the company – and it can at the same time lead to increased innovation and performance. To achieve this it might demand a fundamental change in management perspective amongst others:

  • a change from function based to competence based view on organizations,
  • a discussion of the significance of identity and motivation for performance,
  • a management that ensures positive organisational effect,
  • an opening of the”black-box” of recruitment.

Today’s tight budgets and demands for precision and meticulousness place a tremendous pressure on the human and interpersonal qualities of the managers. At present every organization is totally dependent on good management, but management is context reliant and good management is not the same in all companies. The new agenda forces top managers and recruiting partners to get more concrete when the subject is management in the pursuit for the best teams and the best results.

In continuation of Claus Nygaards Masterclass the participants witnessed a presentation and a live-demo of the “leadership-development-game” Leadership Casino ©.

Leadership Casino © is a leadership simulation tool instigating an increase of the understanding of key competencies and qualities within personal leadership. The leadership-development-game is an example of a management-assessment tool which yields the necessary self-insights for the leaders, and it can furthermore be utilized in the context of developing talents and management groups etc.

Claus Nygaard’s interesting new angle on the classical issue was enthusiastically received, and likewise a huge interest was displayed for how to implement Leadership Casino in the participant’s organizations.

Feel free to contact Compass - Partner Morten Islin at +45 70 20 12 75 – if you want to know how Compass can assist your organization in evaluating your management amongst others conducting concrete and value creating assessments of leaders and tomorrows talents.


New employees joining Compass!

Compass Human Resources Group (CHRG) strengthens the organization and expands workforce-wise, so 25 dedicated Compass-people now strive to deliver. Our new employees will develop our research capabilities and enhance our already very strong Life Science and Healthcare segment.

It is with great pleasure that CHRG welcomes a new senior consultant to our business.

Helle Dawson has more than 10 years experience in international search and brings a proven track record of placing mid –to senior Life Sciences professionals across a number of vertical markets. She has established longterm relationships with both local as well as international pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO/CMO’s as well as Medical Devices and diagnostic companies where she has supported her clients across a range of scientific and commercial positions.

She will be supporting the growth of our business both nationally as well as internationally and will be based at our UK office as well as our office in Denmark.  

It is also with great pleasure that we can announce that we have hired Kristian Teglbjærg as Head of Research.

Kristian comes from a position as Senior Research Associate from an Executive Search company. Prior to that, Kristian worked for Industriens Uddannelser, where he dealt with structuring and coordinating vocational training. Hiring Kristian further outlines CHRG's desire to continue the development of the research department in order for us to maintain our high level of headhunting of candidates for our national as well as international clients


Compass wins new customers!

The first quater 2012 has been a period of growth with a lot of new exciting customers – over 20 new companies have chosen CHRG as their future recruiting partner in their quest to gain new competent employees. We express our gratitude for the confidence in us and will as always do our very best to solve the assignments.

Some of the new customers are: Actelion, Dassault Systémes, DHI, Canon, Global Industries, Danoline, Rossini Caviar, DanCargo, Gumlink Confectionery Company, Thomas-as, Metro, Molo Kids A/S, Dan-Ejendomme-as, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Maersk Oil.

With CHRG long, lasting cooperation is crucial  - it is our objective – it is what we work hard to achieve in cooperation with you as our customer. We strive to get a mutual benefit from our aspirations. We get to know your organisation better and will be able to spar with you and advise you on far many other subjects than just recruiting issues. We look at your business in full! Value creation for both parties is the turning point of our solutions.


Compass has won   a strategic recruitment project for Maersk Oil

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Maersk Oil has selected CHRG as partner for a strategic recruitment project. The agreement implies that CHRG will help Maersk Oil in recruiting a three-digit number of employees in 2012. CHRG conducted a similar project for Siemens Wind Power in 2011 and the new partnership with Maersk Oil once again emphasizes CHRGs position as a preferred partner within the Energy & Renewables sector. The reason for Maersk Oil's large recruitment need in 2012 is the growing scarcity of easily accessible oil in the North Sea, thus the task of extracting from these oil fields is becoming more challenging. To address these challenges, there is an increasing need to attract skilled candidates to Esbjerg. Maersk Oil has chosen to cooperate with CHRG in order to meet this need.


Compass in the United Kingdom

Companies are increasingly more committed to attracting the best qualified people - not only locally, but regionally and globally. This has been standard practice at top management level, but increasingly, we find that companies are ready to pursue international talent for middle management and specialist positions. We have a number of years experience in engaging international candidates for Scandinavian companies, and now our clients demand our services in other countries. On the 1st July 2011, we opened offices in London - Europe's largest market for Headhunting.

We eagerly anticipate helping existing Scandinavian clients in the UK, and we look forward to adding more strings to our bow by working with clients as their search partner with strong capabilities in Northern Europe.


New website

As frequent visitors will notice, we have just launched a new website. Welcome!

We have created a website that gives our candidates faster and improved access to advertised positions. Even though the majority of our vacancies are filled by Search, advertising sometimes provides a strong complement. In the Your Career, we present the positions we have chosen to advertise - we hope you think the page is simple and uncluttered.

The website also gives both clients and partners an idea of our capabilities and enables them to assess whether we will be a relevant partner - we hope this website gives you just that starting point. If you have suggestions for improvements please feel free to contact us!



As a consulting company, our mission is to find, evaluate and present extraordinary talents to support our clients' challenges. As a result, it is a prerequisite for our success that we understand our clients' business and their industry. Therefore, over the past five years, we have developed increasing focus on building our expertise in specific industries. We call these skills and focus teams, Practice Groups. Today we have competence and focus in the following industries; FMCG, Technology & IT, Financial Services & Financial Management, Energy & Renewables, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Industrial.

See more in each Practice Group, where you will also find your contact.


New address in Aarhus

CHRG has had offices in Aarhus since 2006, where all recruitment challenges in Western Denmark are solved. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in activity here, making existing facilities obsolete. Therefore, from the 1st October 2011 we moved to larger premises on the third floor of Søndergade 66, in Central Aarhus. We look forward to welcoming candidates to our newly renovated facilities that match our highly valued requirements for confidentiality as well as providing space for our new colleagues.


Accounting Record

The end of June 2011 saw CHRG’s best performance-related financial year since its formation over 25 years ago. The financial results are characterised by the fact that CHRG has long working relationships with our clients and therefore we have been able to flourish through the financial crisis. We thank our clients for the great trust and guarantee that we will continue to work diligently to deliver the quality expected from our company.


New faces

We are well into the 2011/2012 financial year and, supported by our strong results, we continue to invest in our growth. We have increased our staffing levels significantly in both Denmark and the United Kingdom by employing a number of new consultants in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London as well as strengthening our research teams and administration. We are proud to attract such qualified staff and are pleased to present the new faces to both clients and candidates.