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Cross Border Search

Cembrit Holding A/S has 1200 dedicated people offering supportive services to the European building industry from sales and service subsidiaries in more than 20 European countries.

In 2010, Compass Human Resources Group was approached by Cembrit Holding A/S as they needed to find a new Group Supply Chain Development Manager. The Group Management Team is based in Denmark and has an objective of diversity in management. The goal was to hire a highly qualified international profile with a national background  from outside Denmark.

At the first meeting with Compass we had a sense of an organisation which, despite a very down to earth approach to the task, was very professional and knew how to ask the right questions. We had previously surveyed the market - a very professional and diverse market - to find the right Search company for us. When we decided on Compass as our partner, it was not a rejection of the others, more an appreciation of a mental match and felt there was a good chemistry.

Cembrit Holding’s goal was to find someone with international supply chain experience, who could work from Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland. Compass therefore agreed with the Group Management Team to conduct a targeted Search for candidates in these markets. Through a multi-layered and multi-channeled search strategy Compass contacted a large number of potential candidates in those markets.

As we progressed in the case, we maintained a good dialogue with Compass, who supplied several really good candidates from CVs. Eventually we had three good candidates to interview and the screening allowed us to make a decision to offer a contract to our new Group Supply Chain Development Manager.

Our Group Supply Chain Development Manager has been an important part of our team for over 6 months and so far we are satisfied with the decision. Naturally, expectations have been high, but our view of the potential for the position and the candidate is unchanged. Overall we are very pleased with the outcome and the process with Compass.